Beartais um Chosaint Sonraí *   (Note ETBI are currently translating these documents)

Beartais Chorparáideacha

Beartais Airgeadais

 Beartais Acmhainní Daonna

Eolas Breise & Ciorcláin Acmhainní Daonna


Grinnfhiosrúchán Acmhainní Daonna

Beartais Chianoibrithe

Beartais TFC

Eanair 2023

DDLETB School College and Centre Bank and Cash Management Policy (2022) 

DDLETB Policy for Waiver of Adult Education Course Fees (2022) 

DDLETB Parents Association Monies Policy (2022) (Irish Version)

DDLETB Hospitality Gifts Policy (2022) (Irish Version)

DDLETB Financial Authority and Approval Levels Policy (2022) (Irish Version)

DDLETB Fee Receipting in Schools Colleges and Centres Policy (2022) (Irish Version)

DDLETB Anti Fraud Corruption Policy (2022) 

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