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BFEI Beauty Therapy

Beauty And Body Therapy At BFEI

Yesterday’s Irish Times featured an article focusing on the career of Clare Cullen. Clare is a past student of the body and beauty therapy course at Blackrock Further Education Institute.

Clare explains that the course is very practical but is backed up with theory to help understand the science behind how the body works. ” There was quite a lot of biology, physiology and chemistry in relation to the products and we had to get a good understanding of how the body works”.

And of course, further education is not just about being in the classroom. Clare says “The course was great and we even had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. It was full-time – mostly 10 am-5 pm – and the college had so many extracurricular offerings that they encouraged us to take part in”.

Following the course, Clare went on to work in a variety of salons and even qualified to enter the World Skills Competition in London, winning a medal of excellence.

Check out the Beauty courses currently available at BFEI.

To find other course opportunities at DDLETB, visit our Further Education section, where you can find a course that’s right for you.

Read the full article in the Irish Times.


Digital Learning For Everyone CPD

Digital Learning For Everyone CPD

Welcome to DDLETB Digital Connect Support CPD for 2020 to 2021

Our emergency period saw a strong focus on platforms to ensure remote learning. We are now heading back into schools, colleges and centres in a socially distanced classroom we will continue to provide virtual CPD.


In line with your own needs and those of your learners, we have listened to your feedback and highlighted three focus areas for future CPD which we recently addressed in our using technology to support the socially distanced classroom sessions.

This year our CPD will aim to digitally amplify learner voice, digitally enhance learner communication and collaboration and provide easy methods of digital assessment and feedback. These digital skills will keep you and your learner safe in the physically distanced classroom but will also transfer to the remote environment. If and when this is required a live event will be hosted at the beginning of each month. This event will give an overview of the monthly sessions. Each week we’ll provide a new focus area.

There will be three CPD sessions in a month. The final week of every month we’ll focus on a reflection or showcase week allowing educators to share best practice and ideas from the weekly sessions. Each session will last approximately one hour. Sessions can be accessed via a link on our CPD brochure.

Digital Learning for Everyone Digital CPD October 2020

Each session will include learning a digital skill as well as ideas and discussions to look at how this might positively impact learning in your classroom. More information on these sessions and how to access them will follow we look forward to seeing you.

Broadmeadow CNS Accommodation-featured

Broadmeadow CNS – New Temporary Accommodation

Broadmeadow Community National School has finally taken ownership of their new temporary accommodation in the Rathbeale Road. We are situated in the heart of Swords, next to the brand new Swords Community College. We are very excited to welcome our new Junior Infants class at the end of August. We have been working hard, following DES guidelines and exploring our creative skills in order to set up a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for our children. We cannot wait to meet you all!

New Ériu Community College In Blanchardstown Is Taking Applications

Ériu Community College is a Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Education and Training Board (DDLETB), co-educational, multi-denominational, post-primary school underpinned by the core values of

  • Excellence in Education
  • Care
  • Respect
  • Equality and
  • Community

Places Available

There are still some places a.ailable for starting this year. You can found more details and the application form here.

College name

The name of our school is Ériu Community College.

The college is named after Ériu, who gave her name to Ireland, Éireann/Éire in Irish. She was a princess of the legendary Tuatha Dé Danann, a daughter of Delbáeth and Ernmas. See Jim Fitzpatrick’s beautiful drawing of Ériu below.

Ériu Shi Spiorad Jim Fitzpatrick

Matt Doherty

Ireland Football Player Matt Doherty Makes Donation to Cabra FAI-ETB Centre

The Republic of Ireland’s Matt Doherty has made a generous donation to Cabra ETB. Matt started as a young player in Cabra with The Bogies.

Matt went on to train under the watchful eyes of FAI-Education & Training Board Player Development programme coaches, Harry McCue and Gino Brazil, both former League of Ireland professionals.

Matt is a graduate of the FAI-ETB course in Cabra, which gives young players an opportunity to train full time while also pursuing educational qualifications to fall back on should their dream of a professional football contract not materialise.

The FAI-ETB Player Development programme has an extraordinary record of player progressions in recent years with over 100 current League of Ireland players having graduated from the programme and a number of senior internationals including Matt, Sheffield United’s Enda Stevens and Burnley’s Kevin Long also following Matt into the Premier League.

This week, Matt Doherty initiated a gesture to say thanks for the help in getting there! The kind gesture will see the agency which represents him cover the cost of new IT and training equipment for the Cabra course which will be of great benefit to the young players who are now in the position that Matt once was. Doherty is represented by Gestifute, the agency founded by Jorge Mendes, the agent who also represents Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho among other stars, and is further supported by Polaris Sports, one of the leading commercial agencies in the world, which is part of the Gestifute group.

Mendes and Gestifute’s Irish-based staff became aware of the FAI-ETB course via a conversation with Matt’s father, Tom who explained that Matt had trained full time for a year on the FAI-ETB course before the opportunity to sign for Wolves came along. Fascinated by this slightly unusual route into Premier League football a spark of interest was ignited. Mendes’ agency has an arrangement with his clients whereby they nominate a number of organisations or charities to support annually, and the FAI-ETB course in Cabra was nominated by Matt for a donation to cover the cost of the IT and training equipment.

FAI-ETB Cabra Course Coordinator, Harry McCue said: “It’s really great that Matt has remembered the opportunity which our course gave him to train full-time and I believe it had a big influence on improving his game and helped him to reach the fitness levels required to get to the next stage of his career.

“Of course, Matt had great ability and resilience which was most important. However, it’s really nice that Matt and his dad Tom have acknowledged the work that we do here in the FAI-ETB courses to help young players progress, whether it’s as a pro footballer or to get them to college.

“It’s worked out well for Matt and we’re delighted for him. This gesture he has now made via his agency will provide some great resources for the lads we have now who are looking to be the next Matt Doherty!”

Future Further Education Training Launch

New Further Education & Training Strategy Launched

The new ‘Future FET: Transforming Learning’ strategy launched by SOLAS today sets out an ambitious vision for the expansion of Further Education & Training in Ireland.

Download the new strategy here –  Solas Future FET: Transforming Learning Strategy

We’ll see a greater share of school-leavers choosing FET or apprenticeships as a first destination & more people in employment upskilling through FET.

Learners will be able to develop new skills & explore exciting new vocations or careers either in the classroom or through a digitally transformed system that offers a wide variety of flexible, online & blended learning opportunities.


Minister For Education Simon Harris launches the new FET Strategy.

Wherever you want to go, you’ll find the right pathway through FET.

Trinity College Dublin DDLETB

Lucan CC Students of German Are Runners-Up In Trinity College Language Competition

It was announced today in Times that Lucan Community College students of German are runners up in an inaugural Trinity College TY language competition.

“Language competence is one of the biggest skills gaps in the Irish labour market and language graduates are highly sought after in a variety of sectors,” Dr Hoare told The Irish Times.

“The aim of this competition was to encourage creative and critical thinking amongst TY students about why they would like to become fluent in a particular language as well as why they would like to learn about the culture and literature associated with the language.”

Well done to the students and the staff who supported them to enter the competition.

More than 100 transition year groups around the country entered the competition which called on students to answer why they would love to be fluent in a certain language. Students were asked to use their “creative and critical thinking” to design a poster and record a short 3-5 minute podcast explaining their passion for a foreign language.

Hopefully, other DDLETB schools will be involved next year now that the way has been so well paved!

A reminder that next year 2020/21 marks the start of 4 new curricular languages being introduced to 5th year: Polish, Portuguese, Lithuanian and Chinese. In 2022, students will be examined in reading, writing, speaking and listening in those 4 languages – not only reading and writing which is currently the case with other non-curricular languages.

DDLETB Teacher Leadership Programme 2020

DDLETB’s Teacher Leadership Programme

September 2019 saw the exciting launch of a brand new initiative for the teachers of DDL. The Teacher Leadership Programme or TLP, followed on from the footprints of the TL21 project which successfully ran for 6 years within the scheme. The development team began work on TLP began many months before it launched and we had no idea just how well it would be received. However, we were delighted to register over 130 participants and 29 fantastic facilitators all of whom were equally as excited by the potential this project had for schools and colleges and for DDL as an organization. The volume of interest in a program like this, testifies to the quality of teachers the scheme has.

The aims of the TLP programme are to explore the world of educational leadership and develop the leadership capacity of each of the participating teachers. With these two aims in mind the program was designed with two working parts.

Firstly, there are the General Learning Sessions which explore different aspects of educational leadership. These were led by a host of facilitators experienced in the area of educational leadership The second element is that of the development work or TLP Projects which was led by the appointed school facilitators and their TLP teams. These carefully planned projects offered innovative and exciting developments for schools and colleges and were run with the support of school management. School facilitators were also provided with training sessions to support their work as team leaders.

Research tells us that effective professional development needs to be embedded. TLP aims to embed best practice, quality leadership skills and a strong sense of identity as participants discover the leader within, as an individual but also collaboratively with their colleagues.

Despite the abrupt ending to TLP with the closure of schools in March, the programme proved to be a positive learning experience for all learners and we are excited to see where this initiative will go in the future.

DDLETB Teacher Leadership Programme 2020

Europe Day DDLETB

Happy Europe Day!

Europe Day held on 9 May every year celebrates peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the historic ‘Schuman declaration‘. At a speech in Paris in 1950, Robert Schuman, the then French foreign minister, set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe’s nations unthinkable.

His vision was to create a European institution that would pool and manage coal and steel production. A treaty creating such a body was signed just under a year later. Schuman’s proposal is considered to be the beginning of what is now the European Union.

To demonstrate solidarity with those most affected by the current crisis and to honour Europe Day, the European Parliament calls upon all citizens to put the EU flag at their window this Saturday, 9 May.

Join a special Facebook live session on

The Parliament will also hold an on-line event all day on Saturday (10:00 to 18:00), with EP live in 8 languages, EBS and a Facebook live.