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Beauty And Body Therapy At BFEI

Yesterday’s Irish Times featured an article focusing on the career of Clare Cullen. Clare is a past student of the body and beauty therapy course at Blackrock Further Education Institute.

Clare explains that the course is very practical but is backed up with theory to help understand the science behind how the body works. ” There was quite a lot of biology, physiology and chemistry in relation to the products and we had to get a good understanding of how the body works”.

And of course, further education is not just about being in the classroom. Clare says “The course was great and we even had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. It was full-time – mostly 10 am-5 pm – and the college had so many extracurricular offerings that they encouraged us to take part in”.

Following the course, Clare went on to work in a variety of salons and even qualified to enter the World Skills Competition in London, winning a medal of excellence.

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