Digital Learning For Everyone CPD

Digital Learning For Everyone CPD

Welcome to DDLETB Digital Connect Support CPD for 2020 to 2021

Our emergency period saw a strong focus on platforms to ensure remote learning. We are now heading back into schools, colleges and centres in a socially distanced classroom we will continue to provide virtual CPD.


In line with your own needs and those of your learners, we have listened to your feedback and highlighted three focus areas for future CPD which we recently addressed in our using technology to support the socially distanced classroom sessions.

This year our CPD will aim to digitally amplify learner voice, digitally enhance learner communication and collaboration and provide easy methods of digital assessment and feedback. These digital skills will keep you and your learner safe in the physically distanced classroom but will also transfer to the remote environment. If and when this is required a live event will be hosted at the beginning of each month. This event will give an overview of the monthly sessions. Each week we’ll provide a new focus area.

There will be three CPD sessions in a month. The final week of every month we’ll focus on a reflection or showcase week allowing educators to share best practice and ideas from the weekly sessions. Each session will last approximately one hour. Sessions can be accessed via a link on our CPD brochure.

Digital Learning for Everyone Digital CPD October 2020

Each session will include learning a digital skill as well as ideas and discussions to look at how this might positively impact learning in your classroom. More information on these sessions and how to access them will follow we look forward to seeing you.