Two Entrepreneurial Lucan CC Students Make The Most Of A COVID Christmas

Today we have a great story about two students at Lucan Community College. Hannah O’Reilly and Kaytlyn Monaghan are two fifth-year students in the school.

The girls had lost their part-time jobs due to the COVID pandemic. Looking for an opportunity to earn some income, they have joined together to market beautiful and affordable wooden snowmen, reindeer food treats and marshmallows.


Kaytlyn’s Dad is a woodturner and he shapes the snowmen and the girls do decoration and sales and marketing. 

The snowmen are available in two styles – wood turned (as seen above) and wood sliced versions (below).


The snowmen can be personalised with names or messages.

Two other products that the girls are promoting are sweet treats, Reindeer food and Reindeer hot chocolate with marshmallows.

hamper-marshmallows magic-reindeer-food

Congratulations to the girls on their entrepreneurial endeavours.

We think their level of creativity and resilience during these difficult times is a credit to the school and their families.

You can get in contact and buy these gorgeous products by visiting the girl’s Facebook page – A Covid Christmas or Instagram – A Covid Christmas.


Voting Has Now Opened On Primary School Patronage

DDLETB are delighted to announce that the Parental Preference Voting Portal for Primary Schools scheduled for opening in September 2021 is NOW OPEN. 

Howth, Donaghmede, Dublin 13. – 8 Classroom designated as a Gaelscoileanna 

Sallynoggin, Killiney – 8 Classroom, parents will be asked to vote on preferred language (English or Gaeilge)  

A patron of each school has to be decided. Parental preferences of parents/guardians of children who live in the school planning areas to be served by the new schools, together with the level of diversity currently available in these areas, are key to decisions in relation to the patronage of the schools.  

To vote/ express your preference in the Patronage Competition please click here: https://patronage.education.gov.ie 

 Please Support a DDLETB Community National School/ Scoil Náisiúnta Phobail

Preferences are collected in a survey called the Online Patronage Process System (OPPS).   To access the system to vote/ make your preference, parents/ guardians will need an Eircode and their child’s PPS number.   

Your Eircode must be in the designated demographic area in order to vote.  If you experience any issues, have a query about your Eircode or access to the OPPS please contactopps@education.gov.ie  

DDLETB have applied for patronage of both new schools and we are asking parents/ guardians to please support us by voting for a DDLETB Community National School/ Scoil Náisiúnta Phobail 

Visit our designated Community National School websitewww.cns.ie to view our CNS model and access information on our multi-belief ‘Goodness Me, Goodness You Programme’.  

If you have any questions regarding our CNS/ Community National School model or our patronage application, please get in touch withjanetmurphy@ddletb.com 

 To stay up to date with information on schools in your area, please follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages 


Sallynoggin, Killiney: 




Howth, Donaghmede, Dublin 13: 




Both areas: 


To vote/ express your preference in the Patronage Competition please click here: https://patronage.education.gov.ie 

 Please Support a DDLETB Community National School/ Scoil Náisiúnta Phobail

*Please note that the expression of parental preference for patronage of a school is not an application for enrolment. Once the school has been established, you must apply directly to the school if you wish to enrol your child.  Also, if your Eircode is not eligible for voting this does not mean that your child cannot enrol in the school.  The Eircode system is used for voting purposes only. 





DDLETB Is Applying For Patronage Of Two New Schools

DDLETB is pleased to announce it will apply for patronage of two new schools. Both schools will open in September 2021 and DDLETB is asking your community to support a Community National School.

Where Are The Schools Located?

School 1:  Primary School 8 classrooms in Sallynoggin, Killiney, Dún Laoghaire, Cherrywood.

School 2:  Primary School which has been designated as an 8 classroom Gaelscoileanna in Howth, Donaghmede, Dublin 13.

Voting has not yet begun, but we expect it will soon.  If you have any questions get in touch with janetmurphy@ddletb.com

To stay up to date with information on schools in your area, please join our mailing list www.bitly.com/ETBschools.

Visit our designated Community National School website www.cns.ie to view our CNS model and access information on our multi-belief ‘Goodness Me, Goodness You Programme’.

You can also follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages






Mitigating Against Educational Disadvantage


Mitigating Against Educational Disadvantage Fund (MAEDF):
Calling all Community Education providers/groups: Open Call for Funding!

DDLETB Further Education and Training (FET) Service in conjunction with SOLAS has launched an open call for funding aimed primarily at local Community Education Providers/Groups.

The Mitigating Against Educational Disadvantage Fund (MAEDF) aims to address educational disadvantage which may be experienced by learners and has a particular focus on supporting the engagement and re-engagement of learners in the community. This call aims to reduce barriers to participation in FET by facilitating wider access to digital technologies, equipment, materials etc.

The Mitigating Against Educational Disadvantage Fund (MAEDF) of €8 million was announced as part of Budget 2021.

The purpose of the fund is to support community education provision targeted at adult learners, who have the highest level of need. It aims to increase the participation of disadvantaged learners, particularly those on literacy and basic skills programmes at NFQ levels 1 to 3. The fund has a strong focus on building the digital infrastructure of community education providers and increasing their capacity in delivering online learning.

Administration of the MAEDF Grant

Funds are allocated by SOLAS to DDLETB, who is responsible for the administration and management of funding within its region.


Approved funding allocation for any activity under the MAEDF must;

(a) Be used for the specific purpose intended

(b) All expenditure to be completed by 2020 year-end

(c) Not to be used for any pay costs or costs of a recurring nature

(d) Be compliant with Circular DPR 13/14 governing the payment of grants

(e) A tax clearance certificate for the grantee organisation must accompany each application.

(f) Maintain records of expenditure for audit purposes.

Applications for funding can be under one or more of these four strands:

1: Digital Technologies

2: Learner Assistance

3: Reach Out/Mentoring

4: Covid 19 Exceptional Circumstances

Click here for the Application Form

Click here for the DDLETB MAEDF Funding Guidelines (Updated 18 Nov)

Click here to learn more about the DDLETB Mitigating against Educational Disadvantage Fund (MAEDF)

Closing date: 27th November 2020

Contact aedinotoole@ddletbaes.ie for more information.

Digital Learning For Everyone CPD

DDLETB Connect November Learning Sessions

The DDLETB Connect Project is delighted to present another month of ‘Digital Learning 4 Every1’. These events provide in-class support for both DDLETB educators and learners. Our learning community events are designed for learners and educators to learn side by side as the CPD events teams live into your classroom. If you’d like to join any of the November sessions then access our brochure of events.

Click here to access the brochure.


Vote for the new Post-Primary School in Blackrock, Booterstown and Dún Laoghaire

Dublin & Dún Laoghaire Education & Training Board is currently applying for the patronage of the new Post-Primary School in Blackrock, Booterstown and Dún Laoghaire.

The Department of Education decides which areas of the country need schools. The Department creates a catchment area for schools and invites parents to vote for their preferred patron.

You can vote for your school patron on the Department’s Online Patronage Preference System (OPPS).

Who can vote in the primary patronage survey? 

Parents of children / young people living in the catchment area can vote. To vote you will need your child’s PPS number and your Eircode.

You can find more information on the post-primary school processes on the Department’s website here.

If you have any further questions regarding DDLETB and post-primary school patronage , don’t hesitate to get in touch with Janet: janetmurphy@ddletb.ie

Who will build the new school?

The Department of Education and Skills is responsible for the site acquisition, planning permission and building of all new school buildings, regardless of the patron. Schools that opened in the last few years have all opened in temporary accommodation.


We are a patron of 10 Community National Schools & Special Schools and 27 Second-level schools and Community Colleges. We are a proud patron of Further Education Colleges & Training Centres, Adult Education Services, Youthreach, Youth Community Training & Youth & Sports Development Facilities.

Donabate Community College Wins Two Awards

Congratulations to Donabate Community College on the wonderful achievement of not just winning one award but two great awards. Aisling Cleary of DCC gives us the details.

Citizens’ Passport Award for DCC!

Donabate Community College is delighted to accept the Citizens Passport Award for our engagement with Global Citizenship Education.

The Global Passport Award is an acknowledgement and recognition of our school’s contribution, dedication and diligence in implementing Global Citizenship Education into all aspects of teaching and learning.

Our school has played and continues to play, a key role in promoting quality values and principles that reflect a very positive GCE practice and you should be extremely proud of this achievement which acts to honour your contributions and commitment to exploring GCE.

Unfortunately, owing to our current circumstances an Award Ceremony was not able to take place. However, our Green Schools Committee, along with Ms Kelly, Ms Davis and Mr Doyle were delighted to accept the award on behalf of the school. We thank them for their continued hard work in school.



Health Promoting Schools Flag Awarded to DCC

Just before school closures back in March, our school received the Health Promoting Schools Flag, awarded by the HSE.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, there was no official ceremony and in lieu of this, Mr Doyle presented the flag and banner to a cohort of the Donabate Community College’s students.

This award is a formal recognition of all the good work that students, staff and the wider community have been doing in the area of Wellbeing.

The areas that the school was examined in were as follows, Environment, Curriculum and Learning, Policy and Planning and Partnerships.

The HSE were extremely impressed with all the work we have done in these areas and the work we are continuing to do.

In many ways, we are leading the way in the area of Wellbeing, and we would like to congratulate all in our school community for their continued engagement and support of our initiatives.


New Extension For Skerries Community College

DDLETB have received notification from the Department of Education & Skills that an extension to Skerries Community College has been approved.  The Schedule of Accommodation being provide is as follows:-


  •                 26 General Classrooms
  •                 2 Construction Rooms with preparation and storage area
  •                 1 Science Laboratory with preparation area
  •                 1 Home Economics Room
  •                 2 Art/Craft Rooms with storage area
  •                 1 Staff Room
  •                 Toilets and Locker Space
  • SEN Unit
  • 4 Classrooms
  • Central Activity Space
  • Daily Living Skills Room
  • Multi-Sensory Room
  • Practical Activity Room
  • Ancillary Accommodation


The total accommodation, including circulation area and internal partitions, amounts to 4952.4m2.  This is a devolved project however delivery method is still to be finalised with the Department.

This is very welcome news for the staff, students, parents and the community in the Skerries area as well as the wider DDLETB community.

Covid 19 Official Information

BFEI Beauty Therapy

Beauty And Body Therapy At BFEI

Yesterday’s Irish Times featured an article focusing on the career of Clare Cullen. Clare is a past student of the body and beauty therapy course at Blackrock Further Education Institute.

Clare explains that the course is very practical but is backed up with theory to help understand the science behind how the body works. ” There was quite a lot of biology, physiology and chemistry in relation to the products and we had to get a good understanding of how the body works”.

And of course, further education is not just about being in the classroom. Clare says “The course was great and we even had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. It was full-time – mostly 10 am-5 pm – and the college had so many extracurricular offerings that they encouraged us to take part in”.

Following the course, Clare went on to work in a variety of salons and even qualified to enter the World Skills Competition in London, winning a medal of excellence.

Check out the Beauty courses currently available at BFEI.

To find other course opportunities at DDLETB, visit our Further Education section, where you can find a course that’s right for you.

Read the full article in the Irish Times.