DDLETB Elections



The board of DDLETB is due to change following the local elections in June 2024. The Education and Training Boards Act 2013 provides for the appointment of 2 staff members (one male and one female) to an Education and Training Board (ETB) as a result of election by eligible members of staff of the ETB.

Provisional Electoral Roll

A provisional electoral roll comprising of eligible staff member electors will be available to view in DDLETB Head Office and in the base location in which you work from Monday 8th April, 2024. This should be reviewed by all eligible staff to ensure that their details are listed correctly. Any changes need to be notified to DDLETB Head Office, no later than 5pm, Wednesday 10th April 2024 by completing & returning the “Schedule 1” form “Application Form for Amendment to the Staff Electoral Roll” at the end of this page.

A final register of electors will be available to view from Friday 12th April 2024 in head office and in the school/centre in which you work.

Nominations Process

Nominations for the 2 staff representatives are now being sought. Candidates should submit their application by means of a Nomination Paper. Staff members should download the following forms: “Schedule 2” and “Schedule 3” at the end of this page.

The latest date for receipt of Nominations is 1pm Thursday April 25th 2024.

The ruling on nominations will take place from 2pm to 5pm, Thursday 25th April 2024. Candidates may withdraw up to 12 noon on Friday 26th April 2024.

The list of candidates will be made available on this link and in the school/centre in which you work from Friday afternoon 26th April 2024, accompanied by a Notice of Poll, should an election be required.


Should an election be required, a letter will be issued to you no later than Friday 10th May 2024 and will also include Ballot Paper(s). Please note: This election will be a postal vote.

The latest date for submitting your completed ballot form will be 5pm Thursday 30th May 2024.

The counting of votes will take place at 9am on Friday 31st May 2024.

Poll Date Action
Friday May 31st 2024 Counting of votes (9am)
Thursday May 30th 2024 Last date for receipt of completed ballot papers
Up to Friday May 10th 2024 Friday May 10th being the last date for the issue of election documentation (ballot papers)
Friday April 26th 2024 – Afternoon Notice of Poll
Nominations Date Action
Friday April 26th 2024 – Afternoon List of candidates available
Friday April 26th 2024 – By Noon Candidates may withdraw up to 12 noon
Thursday April 25th 2024, from 2-5pm Ruling of nominations
Thursday April 25th 2024, by 1pm Last date of receipt of nominations
Friday April 12th 2024 Last day for giving notice of election
Register of Electors Date Action
Friday April 12th 2024 Final register of electors available
Wednesday April 10th 2024 Amendments to register of electors to be submitted by 5pm
Monday April 8th 2024 Provisional Electoral Roll available
Monday March 4th 2024 Staff employed by ETB on this date entitled to vote in election