Today Is We Are DDLETB Day!

Today, 30th November, we are celebrating “We Are DDLETB Day!

Follow along on social media as we celebrate the MASSIVE and enthusiastic participation of our primary and secondary schools, are colleges and centres of further education.

DDLETB is a vibrant community of learners, educators and support staff.

Our community’s spirit will be shining brightly on social media platforms today as schools and centers join the celebration. The hashtag #WeareDDLETB and #Teamddletb will be used for members to share photos, stories, messages and videos. The online buzz is not only for our immediate community but also to extend our reach to a wider audience and let people know We Are DDLETB.

DDLETB Social Media Buzz

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We are using the hashtags: #We Are DDLETB #Teamddletb 

DDLETB Creative Events

During the day, we are delighted to share fantastic highlights. We’re looking forward to an inspiring day dedicated to celebrating our community, acknowledging the collective efforts of our team, and showcasing the incredible diversity within our many schools, centres, colleges, and facilities. 

 A special commendation goes to the schools that organised learner competitions, staff coffee mornings, and wear green events—the latter being a great nod to our favourite colour. These initiatives not only added a fun and engaging element to the celebration but also highlighted the unique character of each school and centre within our organisation. 

Our commitment to community engagement is evident as schools and centres share valuable information about DDLETB, its mission, and the significance of being part of our community. This outreach to students, parents, and the wider community served to strengthen the bonds that unite us. 

Gratitude to our DDLETB Communications, Digital and Social Media Team

A heartfelt thank you goes to our DDLETB Communications, Digital and Social Media Team for their creative efforts in organising this event. A very special appreciation for the Digital and Social Media leads in our schools and centres.  Your dedication and commitment were instrumental in bringing this event to life and your contributions are a testament to the collaborative spirit we value here at DDLETB.  

Thank you all for making this event fun and successful.   

We will continue to foster connections, celebrate achievements and build a community that thrives on collaboration, respect, equality, support, excellence and professionalism. 

Check out our social media @ddletb for all the updates.