Loughlinstown Training Centre Open Day DDLETB

Loughlinstown Training Centre Open Day – Wed 29th June

Pathways to Your Future

Open Day Loughlinstown Training Centre

Thinking of retraining or upskilling? Are you looking for work?
Want to change career? Returning to Education?

You are invited!

• Get the latest on Further Education and Training opportunities
• Meet our Apprenticeship Training Advisors to discuss opportunities in Apprenticeship
• Free CV Clinics—get your CV ready for job hunting
• Career Guidance and Information Service available

29th June 2022 (Wednesday, 10 am—2pm)


Loughlinstown Training Centre, DDLETB, Wyattville Road, Loughlinstown, EIRCODE: A96YC66
www.loughlinstowntrainingcentre.ie ph: 01 2043600

DDLETB Youthreach Student EU Commission

Former Youthreach Student Speaks At The EU Commission

This is a guest post by Youthreach Marketing and Development Facilitator, Marie Rankin. Marie recently travelled to Brussels with Christine Hughes,  Youthreach Rush Coordinator and Ava Kessie, past student from Youthreach Rush who was invited to speak at the ‘Good Prospects For All Young People’ event.


Picture1It was with great excitement and pride that we began our journey at Dublin Airport heading to Brussels and the EU Commission. Ava, our Youthreach Rush past student was invited to speak at the ‘Good Prospects for All Young People’ event, to mark European Year of Youth and the launch of ALMA (Aim, Learn, Master, Achieve) which first member states have pledged 270 million euro to its implementation.

We jumped in a taxi at Brussels airport and our formula one driver sped us away! Speaking in French with him for half the journey, and chatting among ourselves, he suddenly said in perfect English are you English! No, Irish was our reply to which he began to say how happy the Irish are and always smiling and enjoying life!

Arriving late at night to our lovely First EuroFlat Hotel, we booked in, checked out each other’s rooms and the view of the EU Commission just outside our windows! We couldn’t stop laughing as we were just so excited. We headed off to bed to try sleep and be ready for the big day.

Picture2Breakfast continental style and then one-hour prep for Ava as we went through her points for her live interview. We needed to time it as she had around four to five minutes to speak. No bother at all to her! Lucky we heard her thoughts though on her time in Youthreach before we appeared live in studio as it was very emotional in that room.

Time seemed to be running so fast, so it was off to get ready and walk across to the EU Commission carrying our gift for the Commissioner; a special piece of art commissioned from our Youthreach Sallynoggin student Serge. Security checks and badges and again remarks from the main security guard about how much we smiled and laughed, so much so that he led us through a ‘special entrance’ on our own as if we were esteemed guests as everyone queuing looked on. Just the start of an amazing day!

Picture10We met everyone involved with EU Youth projects and the other students who were from Italy, Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic. They would be in the main arena in the Schuman Room, but Ava, representing Youthreach and Ireland would be live in studio with Aminata the Belgium student. Cameras were being set up, numerous translators were arriving into their studio boxes and the countdown began. We headed down to studio and Ava was whisked away for makeup and to be mic’d-up.

We met EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Mr Nicolas Schmit. We had met him during his visit to our Youthreach Clondalkin centre, but this time we had a chance to really chat, talk in more detail about Youthreach, Ireland and share a few fun stories. It was then show time.

Picture6Ava was inspirational, informative and articulate as she spoke live about her life, why she chose Youthreach and most importantly how it changed her life trajectory and that of her children’s. She felt ‘seen’ for the first time in education, she felt her ‘voice was heard’ and she was ‘respected’. She said Youthreach ‘broke the cycle’ as she was ‘falling through the cracks of the system’ and it completely changed her life and the life of her children. It was very emotional for those present hearing it, and Ester who was looking after us for the day, had a tear in her eye when we came out of studio.


And that was it, live part over, as we headed back up to the beautiful Schuman Room to listen to and watch the rest of the event. Hearing from all those young people, highlighted the fact that every European country as the same issues and that the traditional education system does not fit or work for everyone.

Picture11All European programmes need to be supported and financed with all the supports available, so these amazing programmes that help young people get their education and change their lives for the better, can continue to prosper and expand. Hopefully, in the future we will see Youthreach students taking part in ALMA, so when they finish in Youthreach, they can have a supervised stay abroad for a period of 2 to 6 months in another EU Member State and receive comprehensive coaching and counselling at every step and all their financial costs covered.

The day was drawing to a close and Commissioner Schmit came in to see everyone, congratulate all the young people and the whole team. Christine Hughes our Youthreach Rush Coordinator presented him with our gift; the beautiful drawing by Serge our Youthreach Sallynoggin student. He was overwhelmed and sent a special message to Serge saying ‘how gifted and talented he was. The picture had an old man lighting a cigarillo. The Commissioner stated that now he had two presents from Ireland which would hang in his office and ‘normally in my office you cannot smoke, but that is ok’.

It was now time to say goodbye to everyone and leave the Commission. Some final formal & informal photos before our departure. Thank you so much to Virginia, Ester, Luiza, Pirkko and all the lovely people we met.


A special thanks to Commissioner Schmit for his warm & friendly welcome and his continuing support for young people and Youthreach. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you in September!
Tired legs & bodies, but hearts bursting with pride and feeling so positive for the future of Youthreach and the European commitment for numerous supports to guide and help young people with their education, personal skills, confidence and mental well-being.

Marie Rankin

Video in Ukrainian Language Adult Education Services

Video – Adult Education Services In Ukrainian Language

DDLETB provide a wide range of services in their Adult Education Centres. Click on the link below (or click on the QR code) to view a video explaining these services narrated in the Ukrainian language.


Ukrainian Video Of Adult Education Services Youtube QR Code

Ukrainian Video Of Adult Education Services Youtube QR Code

Ukraine DDLETB

Ireland’s Education and Training Boards lead national education response to those fleeing Ukraine

Sixteen one-stop shops for all schools, English classes, and ICT devices amongst measures

Education and Training Boards (ETBs) are coordinating the development of sixteen multi-agency Regional Education and Language Teams (REALT), delivering English Language classes, and deploying laptops and tablets to support schools providing places for Ukrainian children.

Each Regional Education and Language Team includes professionals and representatives from Tusla’s Education Support Service, school psychological services, special education needs specialists and school management bodies. ETBs also have
• A dedicated Coordinator to support each Regional Education and Language Team
• A dedicated school support email and phone number
• A dedicated register of ICT devices (laptops, notebooks, tablets, and other mobile devices) to facilitate eLearning.

While schools continue to be the primary contact point for Ukrainian families seeking places for their children, the Regional Education and Language Teams will assist those schools in terms of supporting capacity, sharing information and resources including those for ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages).

ETB Further Education & Training (FET) services will play a key role in the delivery of ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) providing
• A single point of contact for ESOL provision through their Adult Education Officer
• Access to nationwide network of adult guidance services
• A Family Learning ESOL toolkit.

Welcoming these developments, ETBI General Secretary Paddy Lavelle stated: “Because of our nationwide locations and in-house administrative supports, Education and Training Boards are ideally placed to co-ordinate this response in collaboration with our partners across the entire school sector. We are all focussed on making the initial entry into our education system as stress-free as possible for our Ukrainian arrivals. ETBI has also appointed a designated lead to support our ETB members and we are liaising closely with the Department of Education and the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science.”

“I have also been delighted to hear stories of compassion and warmth about our member ETBs, their staff and learners from welcome and information sessions in Co Dublin to a traditional music and dance school welcome and parent and baby English classes in Co Clare” he concluded.

You can download this statement in the following languages:

ETBI Press Release Irish

ETBI Press Release RUSSIAN


Ireland’s Education and Training Boards lead national education response to those fleeing Ukraine

Information Session For Ukrainian Refugees Tallaght Library

Information Session for Ukrainian Refugees In Tallaght Library Friday 8 April

Tallaght Adult Education Service are running an information session on English language courses and education and training options available in the local community.

The session takes pages at Friday 8th April at 10am – 12pm at the County Library Tallaght, The Square, Tallaght D24 A3EX.

See the flyers below for more information.

AES SW Welcome and Information Flyer for Ukrainians A5 Page 1 AES SW Welcome and Information Flyer for Ukrainians A5 Page 2 web

Simon Harris Visiting Youthreach Clondalkin

Simon Harris & European Commissioner Nicolas Schmit Visit Youthreach Clondalkin

Simon Harris, Minister for Further and Higher Education and Nicolas Schmit European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights visited Youthreach Clondalkin last week.

The centre is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and has won awards for helping young people who left school early to prepare and find employment.

Commissioner Schmit said, ‘It was very inspiring to join Minister Harris for a tour of the Clondalkin Youthreach Centre which is co-funded by the EU. The young people we met told us that Youthreach is like a community where they are really supported. Their talents are developed and they find jobs or further education.’

Youthreach is a programme for people aged between 16 to 20 years who left school early and would like to get guidance, training and work experience and qualifications.

Youthreach is all about personal development, training and education and each centre offers a safe and supportive place to learn. Young people who have been assessed as having multiple learning difficulties also benefit from a Special Education Needs Programme.

The Commissioner’s visit to Youthreach provides an example of how ESF funding continues to build opportunities for young people across Europe.

Ukraine Flag DDLETB Adult Education Services

DDLETB Adult Education Service Offers Support For Ukrainian Refugees

As part of the response to the crisis in Ukraine, the Adult Education Guidance Service is the point of contact for refugees.  Below you can find the contact details for each of the DDLETB Adult Education Services.

  • Adult Education Guidance and Information Service Tallaght- Clondalkin-Lucan

    Adult Guidance


DDLETB Youthreach Student Card

New Youthreach Student Card

DDLETB Youthreach Student Card front

Introducing the NEW Youthreach Student Card in association with International Student Identity Card (ISIC). DDLETB is the first ETB to offer all our Youthreach students in our eleven centres an internationally recognised student card.

ISIC offers both virtual and plastic cards, allowing students around the world to instantly prove their official student status and access over 150,000 student discounts and offers worldwide.

The Youthreach programme is a Department of Education and Skills official education, training and work experience programme for early school leavers aged 16-20 and is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Social Fund as part of the Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning. It promotes independence, personal autonomy, active citizenship and helps create a pattern of lifelong learning.

Students have opportunities to acquire certification through QQI accredited courses. Dublin & Dun Laoghaire Education & Training Board (DDLETB) operate eleven Youthreach centres where students receive an allowance each week depending on age, along with transport and meal allowances. The curriculum can differ from centre to centre, is varied (academic & non-academic) and focuses on the holistic development of the individual within a learning environment which is structured, challenging, student-centred and participant-led.

If you would like to know more about Youthreach check out DDLETBYouthreach social media or call into your nearest centre. You can find all the details on our website. Alternatively, you can check out the Further Education and Training Hub (FETCH) online.

DDLETB Youthreach Student Card back

DDLETB Youthreach Student Card back