Text 50808 For When You Need To Talk

DDLETB Text 50808

DDLETB has become a keyword partner with Text 50808, a free 24/7 anonymous text support service.

50808 provides everything from a calming chat to immediate support for people going through a mental health or emotional crisis – big or small. From breakups or bullying, to anxiety, depression and suicidal feelings, Crisis Volunteers are available 24/7 for anonymous text conversations.

Text ‘ETB’ to 50808 to be connected with a trained volunteer.  50808 aims to provide immediate support in the short term and connect people to resources that will help them in the future.

For more information please visit: https://text50808.ie/



Tá DDLETB ina chomhpháirtí eochairfhocal le Text 50808, seirbhís tacaíochta téacs gan ainm 24/7 saor in aisce.

Soláthraíonn 50808 gach rud ó chomhrá ceansaithe go tacaíocht láithreach do dhaoine atá ag dul trí ghéarchéim sláinte meabhrach nó mothúchánach – mór nó beag. Ó mhiondealuithe nó bulaíocht, go himní, dúlagar agus mothúcháin féinmharaithe, tá Oibrithe Deonacha Géarchéime ar fáil 24/7 le haghaidh comhráite téacs gan ainm.

Cuir téacs ‘ETB’ go 50808 le bheith ceangailte le saorálaí oilte. Tá sé mar aidhm ag 50808 tacaíocht láithreach a sholáthar sa ghearrthéarma agus daoine a nascadh le hacmhainní a chabhróidh leo sa todhchaí.

Le haghaidh tuilleadh faisnéise, téigh chuig: https://text50808.ie/


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