ETBI Patron’s Framework on Ethos Launched

The ETBI Patrons’ Framework on Ethos has been launched.

You can download a PDF of the framework here.

Below you can read the foreword to the document from ETBI General Secretary, Paddy Lavelle.

I am delighted to introduce this publication, the ETBI Patrons’ Framework on Ethos. This document is central to the Education and Training Board (ETB) sector achieving its goal of becoming Ireland’s largest provider of multi-denominational, equality-based education at primary and post-primary level (ETBI Strategic Plan, 2022 – 2024).

ETBI Framework on EthosThis Framework is the culmination of 10 years of empirical research, critical reflection, consultation, and visionary policymaking involving all ETB schools, their 16 patron ETBs, ETBI and other relevant stakeholders. I have watched this work evolve over the past number of years with great interest and am delighted to see it reach this significant milestone.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all ETB schools well as they work with this Framework. They will be supported locally by their Ethos Coordinator, Director of Schools, Chief Executive and nationally by ETBI as they implement it. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Patronage Task Group and the CNS and ETB Patronage Directorate in ETBI who have shown remarkable leadership in bringing this Framework to this crucial stage.

I would like to thank Dr Shivaun O’Brien (DCU) for her central role in translating 10 years of reports from various consultation events, relevant research and numerous policy background papers developed by ETBI into a coherent set of domains, standards and statements of effective practice which are fundamental to this Framework. The positive reaction of school leaders to the  statements of effective practice is testament to how accurately she captured all the work that has been carried out to date. I want to pay particular tribute to Dr Séamus Conboy who has worked exceedingly hard over the past number of years to bring this work to fruition.

I look forward to working with the sector on the implementation of this Framework across our schools over the coming years.

Download a PDF of the framework here.