ETB Week: The DDLETB Literacy Awareness Quiz

Today we have a guest post from Sinead Hyland. Sinead is the Regional Literacy Coordinator for Further Education and Training in DDLETB.

Have you ever wondered how Rugby scores are worked out? Or have you ever helped someone use a new piece of technology?  Or have you wondered whether you should start, begin, commence or initiate a task? Well, if you have done anything like this you have engaged with literacy learning.

Literacy is now much broader than reading, writing and numeracy. To get along in life we need to be developing our literacy skills – for example to book a flight for a holiday or to look at our bank accounts online. Some activities that are second nature to some people are a real challenge for others which can lead to exclusion and inequality.

Sinead Hyland With Quiz Winner Deirdre

Sinéad Hyland (Regional Literacy Coordinator) celebrating with Deirdre O’Regan, one of the winners at the #Teamddletb #ETBDay Literacy Awareness Quiz in DDLETB Head Office.

Through the #AdultLiteracyForLife Strategy, DDLETB is working to increase awareness of literacy, numeracy and digital inclusion, including in the workplace. Head Office in Tallaght hosted the DDLETB Literacy Awareness Quiz in Head Office. Treats were provided and participants filled in the quiz over a cup of coffee with their colleagues in a team and some undertook the quiz individually.

Finance Department Quiz Team

The team from Finance – one of the winning teams at the DDLETB Adult Literacy Quiz – Kayla O’Hara, Tracy Duff, Gráinne Butler and Aoife McMenamin

There were nine questions on the quiz plus a bonus question, all teams got nearly all of the questions right, but three teams got 10 out of 10. So, it was good that there were plenty of prizes to go around!!

Jenny Marcella HR Laughing Quiz

Jennie Conway Marcella and McDonagh working it out at the DDLETB Literacy Awareness Quiz

The Dizzy Doras won the prize for the best team name and the team from Payroll (with one member from Finance) gave the best original answer: Q: “What is the best way from here to Tallaght Adult Education Service?” A: “Cycle to work scheme available with tax relief from payroll”

We are all winners when there is more awareness of ever changing literacy needs to engage in work, leisure and family life #AdultLiteracyForLife


Siobhan Mairin and Fiona

Máirín Uí Ríain, Siobhán Lynch, Director of FET and Fiona Fay relieved that their answers were in.