DDLETB Swords Community College Teacher Lyndsay Balfe & The Magic Of Coding

Lyndsay Balfe DDLETB Apple Coding Week

Lyndsay Balfe Image copyright Apple

Lyndsay Balfe is a woodworking teacher at DDLETB Swords Community College. Lyndsay is also an Apple Distinguished Educator and leads the school’s 1:1 iPad program, which provides an iPad for each student and teaching staff member.

To celebrate Coding Week, (September 27th – October 1st), Lyndsay is featured on the Apple website where she talks about how she got started with coding and how she brings the idea of process into her classes.

“I find the mind-set of coding a more thoughtful approach,” she says. “In breaking things down into steps, you’re thinking about the why. You’re thinking about the bigger picture and everything that’s involved in it. We want to develop those kinds of critical thinking skills with our students so that they’re equipped to tackle whatever challenges the future holds for them.”

Congratulations to Lyndsay on her wonderful work and for being featured on the Apple website celebrating coding week. You can read more about it here.

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