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Welcome to Priory Youthreach!

If you have left school without any formal qualifications, are looking to complete further studies, are between the ages of 16 to 20 years of age, then Priory Youthreach can provide you with opportunities to:

  • complete major awards in QQI level 3 & 4,
  • further your education,
  • expand your personal development,
  • get valuable work experience,
  • improve your literacy, numeracy and digital skills
  • progress onto further academic certification or employment

The programme is full-time and training allowances are paid on a weekly basis to learners. You will also get a travel allowance if you live more than 5km from the centre.

Trainee(s) Maximum payment per week
16 – 17 years €45
18 years and over €220.00 (with some exceptions)

About the centre

Priory Youthreach, Tallaght - DDLETBPriory Youthreach first opened in 2008 and is located in Tallaght village on Greenhills Road beside the Priory Roman Catholic Church thus the name Priory Youthreach. Before being used as a Youthreach centre the building had a long history connected with education provision in Tallaght. The building was initially opened as Scoil Eanna Primary school in 1930 and it operated like this for many years, it was also used as the local Library and then as a Traveller training centre until we occupied the building in 2012.

Priory Youthreach was the second Youthreach centre to be opened in Tallaght. This decision was made by DDLETB due to the large numbers of early school leavers in the Tallaght area. This now meant that there are 75 Youthreach places available in Tallaght, 25 in Priory Youthreach and 50 in Tallaght Youthreach. From slow beginnings the centre is now a key education provider in Tallaght and has developed an excellent working relationship with schools, the local community and all referring agencies.

Since we opened our doors, we have endeavoured to make strong lasting relationships with all the learners who have come to our centre. We stress “our” centre as it belongs to all who pass through its doors. Our mission is in Priory Youthreach is to assist all young people academically, emotionally and personally in a close caring environment. This has brought a sense of belonging for all who attend the programme and has allowed our ethos to manifest itself in the way manage the daily running of the centre. Each staff member and every learner who has passed through our doors has contributed to the centre and helped make the centre what it is today.

Following careful reflection and analysis of the learners needs both academic and personal we have slowly introduced programmes which have become integral in the timetable – Major awards at QQI levels 3 & 4 in General Learning, FIT job seeking/interview skills workshops, Drug Education programmes, BSKB, Instrumental Enrichment Programme, One to One literacy, SPHE programme and educational trips to name but a few.

We have celebrated successes with our learners through awards events, selecting learner of the week and learner of the year. The learners who have left us have taken numerous paths – some have gone on to further study, and apprenticeships and others have taken up full-time employment. We operate an open-door policy here in Priory Youthreach and regularly have past learners drop in to let us know what is going on in their lives.

If that sounds like something that may interest you, please contact us in Priory Youthreach for a new beginning on your education journey.

Priory Youthreach Classroom, DDLETB

Some quotes from learners in Priory Youthreach:

“Ever since I joined Youthreach I could tell I would benefit from furthering my education. The staff and the students make it very welcoming, and makes it easy to fit in. I love the way they help you so you can help find out what career suits you best. I also appreciate the fact that we are treated like young adults rather than kids.”

“I really like the Priory Youthreach, at the start I struggled but I got there. The staff are brilliant, all the students are very friendly. I love all my classes I really get all the help I need.”

“Being in Youthreach has been the best experience I’ve been through, it’s thought me so many life lessons and the support you guys give is the best, you have also thought me that I want more in life and you can achieve anything once you put your mind to it so, thank you”

“I really enjoy Youthreach because the teachers make you feel welcome and do not rush you into getting work done, they let you take it at your own pace so I can learn and understand the work”

“I like going in even when I am having a difficult day because you always know the staff in there are going to help get you through the day and will listen to any problems big or small “

“I love the atmosphere in there it’s never boring and everyone is friends and there’s never anything bad happening” “I like how before I went there, I wouldn’t have been friends with some of the people I am friends with now it’s a mix of all different kinds of people but in a way, we are all the same”

“I like how we get food in the morning, and everyone is sitting together”

“When I first joined Priory Youthreach I was very happy to be getting out of mainstream school while still being able to finish my education. I also like the fact it’s closer to my house than my old school. I think it’s so much easier learning in a smaller class because in school I had 30 people in my class and now I only have 7 which means the teachers can spend more time helping us in class if we’re stuck on the work we’re doing. I find that I want to actually get up and go to Youthreach but when I was in school, I would try find any excuse not to go in every day. The other students are all friendly and no one gets left out, we always have a laugh a lunch time and everyone is free the express themselves without being judged. I’m glad I left school to join Youthreach, I believe it’s better for my mental health because I hated the school I was in, it stressed me out.”

“I like Youthreach because it showed me a new path to the career I wanted. I like how little the classes are smaller so teachers can always help. I like the friends I’ve made. I like that I’ve been given the opportunity to voice my opinion in the student council and I appreciate that I have the opportunity to further my education”.

“Ever since I joined Youthreach I could tell I would benefit from furthering my education. The staff and the students make it very welcoming, and makes it easy to fit in. I love the way they help you so you can help find out what career best suits you. I also appreciate the fact that we are treated like young adults rather than kids”.

General Learning QQI Level 4 Modules:

  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Functional Maths
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Painting
  • Personal Interpersonal Development
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Applications
  • Teamworking

General Learning QQI Level 3 Modules:

  • Communications
  • Career Preparation
  • Mathematics
  • Culinary Operations
  • Personal Interpersonal Skills
  • Word Processing
  • Health and Safety Awareness

We also offer non-accredited programmes:

  • Fast Track to Information Technology (FIT): Interview/CV skills workshops and mock interview practice.
  • Manual handling
  • Social Personal Health Education (SPHE) under SHPE learners will develop their knowledge and skills around the following 5 areas:
  • Mental Health
  • Gender studies
  • Substance use
  • Relationships and sexuality education
  • Physical activity and nutrition
  • Instrumental Enrichment Programme (Thinking skills programme)

Priory Youthreach Mission statement:

To provide an educational programme that enables young people to progress academically, personally and socially in a safe, enjoyable and supportive learning environment.

Misin Priory Ógtheagmháil:

Chun cúrsa oideachasúil a chur ar fáil do dhaoine óga ar an dul chun cinn le oideachais, scileanna pearsanta agus sóisialta, in áit slán, taitneamhach agus i dtimpeallacht foghlama tacúil.

Priory Child Safeguarding

View Priory Child Safeguarding Statement 2022

Contact Details:

Co-ordinator: Paul Curtis

Address: Greenhills Rd, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 VR64

Tel: (01) 4515292



Social Media:

Twitter –  @PYouthreach