Video Conference Etiquette

Virtual conferencing calls are new and often challenging experiences for everyone. It’s ok to feel nervous, practise makes perfect!

Facilitator Participation – nominate a facilitator who invites attendees and shares the meeting agenda. The agenda can be shared in meeting notes.

Attendee Participation – remember this is a formal staff meeting and requires your full attention.

Sensitive Information
Sensitive information should not be discussed in open video conferences.

Consider Your Location
Consider using the ‘blur my background’ feature to hide a background.

Camera is On
This is a video conference, so cameras should remain on for the duration of the meeting. This is a formal request.

Selectively Mute
Avoid feedback by muting your microphone.

Agree a signal when someone wants to speak e.g. hands up.

Facilitators or Attendees should get verbal permission at the beginning of the call to record a video.

Engage in Chat
Ensure all participants feel included by encouraging feedback/questions/comments. Consider typing into chat as the event progresses.