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Lucan CC Students of German Are Runners-Up In Trinity College Language Competition

It was announced today in Times that Lucan Community College students of German are runners up in an inaugural Trinity College TY language competition.

“Language competence is one of the biggest skills gaps in the Irish labour market and language graduates are highly sought after in a variety of sectors,” Dr Hoare told The Irish Times.

“The aim of this competition was to encourage creative and critical thinking amongst TY students about why they would like to become fluent in a particular language as well as why they would like to learn about the culture and literature associated with the language.”

Well done to the students and the staff who supported them to enter the competition.

More than 100 transition year groups around the country entered the competition which called on students to answer why they would love to be fluent in a certain language. Students were asked to use their “creative and critical thinking” to design a poster and record a short 3-5 minute podcast explaining their passion for a foreign language.

Hopefully, other DDLETB schools will be involved next year now that the way has been so well paved!

A reminder that next year 2020/21 marks the start of 4 new curricular languages being introduced to 5th year: Polish, Portuguese, Lithuanian and Chinese. In 2022, students will be examined in reading, writing, speaking and listening in those 4 languages – not only reading and writing which is currently the case with other non-curricular languages.