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Work with us to shape the future of education, building a community that thrives on mutual support and a shared passion for creating meaningful impact.

DDLETB is a team, a community of schools and centres who work together in a collective effort to support one another. We believe in the power of collaboration, fostering an environment where educators work together to enhance teaching and learning for all.

We have 10 Community National Schools, 31 Community Colleges/Post Primary schools and 5 Further Education Colleges as well as our Youthreach and Adult Education Centres. The hours worked in any of these schools or centres count towards permanency if a teacher moves/transfers to another school/centre in our ETB. This is in stark contrast to the situation in other types of school where each new appointment starts with zero credit for a contract completed in another school. We also have a strong team of Educational Support staff who work though-out our schools and centres and in our Head Office.

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Leadership Connect DDLETB


The aim of the Leadership Connect is to promote professional development in the area of educational leadership within our organisation. We aim to identify, grow and support our leaders and aspiring leaders, while also supporting their social, emotional and mental health needs. The Leadership Connect consists of 2 programmes, TLP and MLP.

Both programmes are certified and require 80% attendance in order to successfully complete the programme.

Teacher Leadership DDLETB


The Teacher Leadership Programme is a practical project-based leadership programme for non-positional teachers. TLP is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to explore educational leadership and gain practical experience in leading a school development project. The team-based approach of TLP offers support and flexibility.

Participating in the Teacher Leadership Programme requires teachers to commit to approximately 4 hours per month.

2hr session once a month (a mix of online and in-person sessions.) 2 x 30 minute Team meetings a month. 1 hr project work per team member. 2 x optional Leadership Connect sessions.

Middle Leadership DDLETB


The MLP is designed to enhance and develop the skills of middle leaders/ post-holders in our schools and centres. The programme consists of:

8 sessions (1 per month – some of which will be held online, while others will take place in DDLETB Head Office). 2 optional Leadership Connect sessions.

2022-2023 is the second year of this redeveloped programme. Sessions focus on developing and enhancing leadership capacity, professional and personal development, wellbeing, conflict management and leading and working in teams. As well as providing practical advice around communications, organisation and planning. Participants will be provided with ongoing support and will have access to a network of middle leaders and resources.


National Learner Forum

Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Development ETB  Support Teams also provide professional and personal development opportunities, support Networks and Communities of Practice in the areas of:

  • Teaching and Learning Methodologies
  • Positive Behaviour Management
  • SPHE and RSE
  • Student Voice
  • Child Protection
  • School Self-Evaluation
  • DEIS
  • Wellbeing
  • Mental Health
  • Ethos
  • Digital Technology/Enhanced Learning
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Communications & Teamwork
  • And more.

The Teacher Induction Programme is designed to welcome new teachers and tutors and support them in our organisation.

It consists of 1 x 3 hour session which will be held in DDLETB Head Office. Follow-on pop-up sessions available.

The session aims to provide our new colleagues with a background to DDLETB, our Ethos and Core Values. It is also a vital opportunity for our new colleagues to visit Head Office and meet members of our Senior Management and Development Support Team.

Each year the session will focus on and include practical approaches for learning and teaching as well as caring for ourselves and our learners. Participants will be provided with a certificate of attendance for this programme.

Universal Design For Learning (UDL)

Universal Design for Learning seeks to provide all students regardless of ability, with opportunities to learn to the best of their abilities. The framework offers teachers a guide for creating flexible goals, methods, materials and assessments that work for everyone.

UDL Framework as Inclusive Practice The 3 Principles of UDL include:

  • Giving learners different ways to acquire information
  • Giving learners different ways to demonstrate what they’ve learned.
  • Tapping into learners’ different interests, challenging them appropriately, and motivating them to learn.

The UDL Badge is a 10-week online course (25 hours in total) that offers teachers an introduction to the principles and the opportunity to use the framework to start developing UDL practice in their classes.

This is a certified programme.

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