DDLETB Active Youth Challenge 2023 

The Active Youth Challenge (AYC), hosted by Dublin and Dun Laoghaire ETB Youth and Sports Section, is an annual programme which encourages young people (aged 10-24) to be physically active for an hour each week for a period of twelve weeks. The programme commences each year in February and culminates in May with a public recognition event. This programme is open to all youth and voluntary groups throughout County Dublin. 

The programme is coordinated by DDLETB sports officers and the individual groups participating are led by their youth officers or designated group leaders. Groups are encouraged to design and select activities of their choice; being as creative and as novel as possible. The uniqueness of their individual group programmes is reflected in their project submissions, which are forwarded for independent adjudication. 

The recognition event this year saw 250 young people from 33 groups awarded medals, certificates and trophies. They had collectively accumulated approximately 460 hours of activity in total. 

Active Youth Challenge DDLETB Mayor Fingal

Active Youth Challenge DDLETB Mayor of Fingal


Active Youth Challenge DDLETB Minister OGorman

Active Youth Challenge DDLETB Minister O’Gorman


TEAM DDLETB Sports Officers

TEAM DDLETB Sports Officers

Special Awards

There were 3 special awards: 

  1. The “Best Name” went to the group “The Jammy Jobers” 
  1. The “Most Novel Activity” went to the group “JFC Score Settlers.” 
  1. The “Overall Excellence Award” went to the group “Not Furious, Just Fast.” 

The event was hosted on Friday, May 26th at Phibblestown Community Centre. It was a wonderful evening for all involved, and was attended by the Mayor of Fingal, Minister O’Gorman and DDLETB Senior Leaders.  Participants and attendees were entertained by Music Generation and Remember Us All Star Choir.  We also had the opportunity to meet and hear from Zak Moradi, Leitrim hurler and Author, on the importance of sport, teamwork and inclusion. 

 Thank you to all those who participated and supported our young learners during the programme and thank you to all those who attended our ceremony.