Voting Starts Soon For A New Post-Primary School In Citywest & Saggart.

Parents in Citywest and Saggart are working with Dublin and Dún Laoghaire ETB in order to open a new Community College in 2020.

Our Community Colleges put inclusion at the heart of learning where everybody is supported to reach their full potential.

In our classrooms, we promote a Universal Design for Learning where each student’s needs and abilities are considered and planned for. This way, everybody engages with the curriculum at their level of attainment.

In addition to the highest quality teaching and learning in our schools, we also provide the highest-spec shared community facilities that local sports clubs and community groups benefit from.

Take a look at the testimonials below from parents and children on why they are supporting DDLETB for the new post-primary school in Saggart/Citywest.

 Please follow this exciting community-led school project through our campaign facebook page or our campaign Instagram page



Please follow this exciting community-led school project through our campaign facebook page or our campaign Instagram page



DDLETB awarded patronage of two new primary schools for Swords, Co. Dublin

DDLETB has been awarded patronage of two new primary schools planned to open in September 2019 in Swords.

The Department of Education and Skills has informed DDLETB that the Swords community has endorsed our state-run Community National School model. The planned new schools for Swords are scheduled to open in September 2019 and DDLETB expects that the Principals will be appointed shortly to lead the new schools.

Paddy Lavelle, Chief Executive of DDLETB said, “This is a very positive development for Swords. The new schools will join six other Community National Schools under our patronage. We see the results of this campaign as a welcome endorsement, from parents and families, for ETB run schools and the Community National School model. “We ran a highly visible and engaging campaign in Swords. Parents clearly supported our vision for child-centred, multidenominational, publicly-accountable schools which strive to provide high-quality education for all learners. They give equal opportunities to all children,” added Lavelle.”

“The new schools in Swords will be technologically advanced using the latest Information and communication technologies. These new schools will further embed our presence on the educational landscape especially in the North-Dublin region,” said Adrian Flynn, Director of Schools with DDLETB.“Our vision is to continue to develop teaching and learning communities that lead
educational thinking both nationally and internationally. We are excited about our shared future with new learners and teachers in Swords. We are now taking this message to Citywest/Saggart, Blanchardstown and Goatstown/Stillorgan for our 2020 post-primary patronage campaign” added Flynn.

Dublin and Dún Laoghaire ETB has been at the forefront of the development of Community National Schools as state-run multi-denominational schools since the first one opened its doors in 2008 and has more than 100 years’ experience as an educational patron in Ireland.


Register Your Interest For A New School In Your Community

Community National School KidsWe are currently seeking expressions of interest from parents or guardians who would like to have a Community National School in their area.

To show your interest, please fill in this short survey form here on the Community National School website.

The results of the survey will be used to provide information to the Department of Education and Skills when they are determining which patron would be most suitable to serve a particular area. We would love for that Patron to be the DDLETB.

Please note that if a Community National School does open in your area, parents/guardians will have to fill in a separate application form for this school as this survey is an expression of interest only.