Psychological Support Services

The Psychological Support Service is available to students in Second Level Schools, Youthreach Centres, sectors of Further Education provision, and to staff working within Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board (DDLETB). The Service offers short term support and provides broad psychological supports to Service users, subject to a school/centre making a request. The Service facilitates onward referral of students to other specialist agencies appropriate to their needs. The role of the Psychological Support Service encompasses specific input in the areas of research, training and ETB initiatives at a systemic level. 
Staff working within the DDLETB, who wish to avail of supports offered by the Psychological Support Service may contact the Service directly. With regard to students within the DDLETB, provision of service is prioritised by the schools and centres. In the case of young persons over 18, the involvement of parents is at the discretion of the young person. The Psychological Support Service gives precedence to responding to critical incidents that occur within the DDLETB.
Service is provided by the Psychological Support Service according to the resources available. The model adopted by the Service incorporates a multi-disciplinary, consultative, team-based approach. Interventions by the team are directed towards:
  • the provision of both direct and indirect support to students as they strive to access the curriculum
  • the resolution of behavioural, motivational, emotional and cognitive difficulties of individual persons, through assessment and therapeutic intervention
  • preventative work with target groups
  • professional support of teaching staff, in relation to individuals referred and to other professional issues
  • personal support of teaching staff in relation to school or centre issues
  • in-service training in a range of areas related to the educational context
  • the professional placement of Intern or Trainee Psychologists
The service is free and confidential to staff and students of DDLETB as outlined above.

For further information please contact:
Psychological Support Service
1A Main Road
Dublin 24
Tel: (01) 4598446
Fax: (01) 4515016