Fast Track to Information Technology - FIT

FIT offers unemployed adults the opportunity to enter the I.T. industry at a professional level.

FIT has a range of IT courses which result in people working in jobs such as: working in an office, working on the web, providing customer service, hardware development or giving technical support within the IT field. There are no costs and you keep your welfare entitlements. You don't need any formal education or previous experience - you just need to want to learn.
Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for a FIT course you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must be 21 years of age or over or 18 years of age and progressing from Youthreach.
  • You must be receiving one of the following for at least 6 months:
  •  -  Jobseekers Benefit or Assistance
     -  One Parent Family Payment
     -  Disability Payment
     -  Credits
Additional requirements:

Those who do not have 12 months continuous unemployment but who have an interrupted employment/unemployment history may be considered. 12 months unemployment in the last 36 months may be used as a guide for individuals in this situation.

FIT is offered in the following Centres: 

For further information contact your nearest centre or Breda Curran, FIT Co-Ordinator @ Ph: 8212864 email: