South Dublin Epic comes to Priory Youthreach

South Dublin Epic comes to Priory Youthreach
A number of the students in Priory Youthreach have been enjoying developing their creative writing skills this year. They took a great interest in the Youthreach poetry competition, enjoying and expressing their thoughts in a poem entitled “Dreams”.

When the opportunity arose for the poet, Colm Keegan to come in and work with the students on the South Dublin Epic Workshop, the students were delighted. Colm did two creative writing workshops with the students. The workshop was entitled “What would you do…if you could do anything?” The first workshop involved getting the students to use their imagination and have no fear of letting their writing flow. All students produced a poem and story by the end of the workshop. This was a great achievement for the students and they looked forward to the follow-up workshop. During his time with the students Colm also performed some of his own work. His performance really changed the student perception of poetry. They began to feel that they could really enjoy poetry.

Colm came back to Priory Youthreach on the 1st May. During this workshop students got to use a map of South Dublin to explore their lives in a unique way. They each created a story based around what they felt their experience would be if there was a zombie invasion. All students created a story, using their imagination to describe the events that would take place. Students work from both workshops will now be on display on the Epic website.

We would like to thank Colm Keegan, Helen McMahon and South Dublin County Council for giving the students the opportunity to explore their creative writing skills in such a unique way. The students really enjoyed the experience and got to develop their writing skills throughout the workshop.

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