Session 2 – How To Use A Team Effectively

Facilitating A Video Conference

Firstly, ask yourself, is this video conferencing meeting really necessary? Could the discussion be replaced by Email?

Assign Virtual Roles
Roles can be assigned such as note-taker, timekeeper, etc. Consider rotating roles. The Coordinator / Principal / Manager doesn’t always have to call the meeting.

Send out an agenda in advance of the meeting. Keep the meeting focussed on moving through the agenda items.

Duration of Meetings
Set duration lengths on meeting times and keep to them by ensuring you keep track of time.

Ensure all meeting participants are included, listened to without judgment and treated with respect.

Ensure participants are aware of the desired results of the meeting.

Lead your meeting. Intervene immediately if you believe things are running off track.

Check-In Moment
Check-in with participants during the meeting e.g. maybe halfway through the meeting.

Maximise Inputs
While ensuring it’s an interactive experience for everyone, keep inputs short and to the point.

Conclude the call by summarising and confirming decisions and reiterating the next steps.