Cambridge Assessment English Exams

Dublin & Dún Laoghaire Education & Training Board is a centre authorised by Cambridge Assessment English.  We run courses and exams to benefit second level teachers and EAL students from both within and outside our organisation.

For students:

We run B1 Preliminary for Schools and B2 First for Schools in March, May and June for second level students. In 7 years, we have examined and given internationally-recognised certification to 2,625 teenagers. We are an Open Cambridge Assessment English exam centre for these 2 exams which were designed specifically to test teens’ English language skills. In our organisation, which has 30 post primary schools, we offer B1 Preliminary for Schools to students in Transition Year and B2 First for Schools for students in 6th year.

We support our post primary teachers in assessing, monitoring and recording language and literacy outcomes for EAL students by using the online interactive Cambridge English Placement Test as per National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy (2011 – 2020). We submit accurate, computer-generated data on the needs of EAL students in our schools every year to the Department of Education. Likewise, this same tool helps us ensure our schools can prioritise the tracking, assessment and analysis of the achievement of students for whom English is an additional language as part of school planning. This ensures we fulfil our remit to support active inclusion and equality of access to the curriculum. 

For teachers:
We also are an Open Centre for Cambridge Assessment English Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) modules. We run training courses (leading to TKT CLIL) for second level mainstream teachers (of history, geography, science etc.) to enable teachers to deal on a practical level with the language and literacy needs of all students in their classrooms. In 2011, we won a European language Label for this initiative. To date (Jan 2018), this training has been run on 13 different school premises around County Dublin and 342 teachers have benefitted. In line with recommendations made by the Department of Education in the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy 2011 – 2020 (P.69), we are ensuring that serving teachers have access to CPD and guidance on meeting the learning needs of students for whom English is an Additional Language and promoting active inclusion.
We also run TKT Young Learners courses and exams for primary school teachers. 

For Parents:
We run classes and host exams for parents of EAL students in our schools leading to A2 Key and B1 Preliminary in order to promote social inclusion. 
For further information in relation to registering for any of the above Cambridge Assessment English exams at our exam centre, please contact:

Mary Kenny ESOL Development Officer/Centre Exams Manager at