Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is DDLETB?
DDLETB is an education patron with in excess of 80 years’ experience, and formally known as the "VEC".  We have an established tradition of excellence in the educational sector in Ireland. The administrative area covered by DDLETB reaches from Balbriggan in North County Dublin, to Dún Laoghaire in South County Dublin and Lucan in West County Dublin.
We are the patron of Community National Schools (Primary Level), Community Colleges( Second Level) , Further Education and Training Centres and Youthreach centres in addition to other community based education programmes and services.
What is a Community National School?
Community National Schools are primary level schools under the patronage of the ETB.  A Community National School is just as it says. Founded in local communities, our schools are child centred, inclusive, multi-belief, state supported primary schools providing a high quality primary education for every child in line with the National Primary School Curriculum laid down by the Department of Education & Skills. 

What does Co-educational mean?
Boys and girls are educated together.
What is the ethos of a CNS?
The school becomes a centre of the local community.
Children are encouraged and supported in living their lives to the full
High standards are the goal in teaching and learning
Everybody is valued and treated with respect
Diversity is recognised and celebrated

Do students in Community National Schools wear uniforms?
Yes they do.
What curriculum is taught in a Community National School?
All of our Community National Schools follow the Primary School curriculum as determined by the (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment)