Skerries Community College host Careers Fair

Skerries Community College host Careers Fair
On Wednesday 18th of October, Skerries Community College hosted a ‘Careers Night’ so 5th and 6th year students could get busy thinking and talking about their future. Thanks to the participation of twenty Colleges / Universities / Institutes of Technologies & Colleges of Further Education, together with the sixty professionals who volunteered their time to attend, Skerries Community College was abuzz on the night.

In coordinating this extraordinary event in the College, it was aimed that students and their parents would be afforded an opportunity to engage with ‘careers’ and ‘education’ in a most unique way- an opportunity for an individualized experience, on a grand scale. Each of our 300 Leaving Certificate students, and their parents, could speak one-to-one with educational and professional specialists.

Confucius once said ‘do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ In pursuit of this ideal, our students are now armed with information. Together with their parents, the students of Skerries Community College will soon make choices that will shape their future. Skerries Community College is a first step along the career journey for our students. The ‘Careers Night’ is one of a number of events scheduled to support students in preparation for choosing their direction.

Sincere thanks to all contributors on the night who have greatly helped our students to think carefully and wisely about the next step they will take, into their future.